Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Mirror To Nature

What a beautiful mirror held to nature with the exteordenary free arm embrodery work of Australian artist Meredith Woolnough.  Sewn free hand using a dissolving base fabric and Mimicking the fragility of a veiny leaf skeletons and the elaborate structure of coral with her complex work. 


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Beautiful Objects

Here are just a few beautiful objects I thought I would share. I have always loved beautiful objects especially tools of the trade.  

Japanese gardening scissors

I prefer hand sewing over machine sewing and my favourite needles are John James of England - Sharps number 9

Love these vintage Carl Aubock Modernist Coat Hangers
Leather Macbook Case. AWESOME found it on Pinterest but could not find who it was made by.  Love the concept!

alto - sewing machine, very cute

Monday, 5 November 2012

Pattern My Walls

As a child I remember loving the Mr Man wall paper in my room ,going to sleep playing eye spy games with my brother or later when I got own room my elephant wall paper; even the secret bits I had torn off below my bed line.  When the 90's came we were all busy taking down our wall paper and replacing it with modern white walls.  

Now I feel strangely drawn to the idea of the feature wallpapered wall with a modern twist.  I guess it fits right in with my obsession with pattern. 

david hicks wallpaper

fun wallpapered kitchen

 hygge and west bird wallpaper in bathroom

 Orla Kiely wall paper

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Rothko moody colours

You may or may not have heard that this week a vandal calmly walked over to a Mark Rothko painting at the Tate Modern and inscribed the words: “Vladimir Umanets, A Potential Piece of Yellowism” across the canvas. (Read more in The Telegraph.)  

I have been thinking a lot about Rothko's work since this incident.  I first encountered Rothko's work in an exhibition in Paris 10 years ago and I was really taken aback by the moody colours overlaying his in his painting which seemed to evoked emotions in me which I rarely experience