Monday, 5 November 2012

Pattern My Walls

As a child I remember loving the Mr Man wall paper in my room ,going to sleep playing eye spy games with my brother or later when I got own room my elephant wall paper; even the secret bits I had torn off below my bed line.  When the 90's came we were all busy taking down our wall paper and replacing it with modern white walls.  

Now I feel strangely drawn to the idea of the feature wallpapered wall with a modern twist.  I guess it fits right in with my obsession with pattern. 

david hicks wallpaper

fun wallpapered kitchen

 hygge and west bird wallpaper in bathroom

 Orla Kiely wall paper

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Rothko moody colours

You may or may not have heard that this week a vandal calmly walked over to a Mark Rothko painting at the Tate Modern and inscribed the words: “Vladimir Umanets, A Potential Piece of Yellowism” across the canvas. (Read more in The Telegraph.)  

I have been thinking a lot about Rothko's work since this incident.  I first encountered Rothko's work in an exhibition in Paris 10 years ago and I was really taken aback by the moody colours overlaying his in his painting which seemed to evoked emotions in me which I rarely experience

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

decorative papers

This morning I received a surprise parcel in the mail from my friend Caroline who lives in Japan.  How lovely it was to receive a hand written letter and these beautiful printed Japanese papers.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

floor pattern

I just love the wonderful work that has been created by the collaborative works of Designer Rugs and some of our celebrated Australian and New Zealand designers.  

Below are just a few examples of these beautiful rugs, it would be very hard to choose a floor covering when you are so spoilt for choice.  To see more go to:

Kyoto 1. rug by Akira Isegawa

 Mosiac rug by Bernabelfreeman 

 South Beach rug by Greg Natale

 Peony rug by Catherine Martin

Paisley rug by Vixen

Moon Shadow rug by Easton Pearson

 Cockatoo rug by Catherine Martin

Optropic rug by Blue and Drown

Skipping Stones by Dinosaur Designs

Monarchrug by Boh Runga - Kiwi Icons

Monday, 13 August 2012

Date night

My Christmas gift from Benjamin last year was season tickets to the Malthouse Theatre. It has been a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. We have seen a whole lot of theatre that we would not normally think to see, and it is the perfect excuse to get a babysitter and have a date night! 

Friday night was Blood Wedding, pretty heavy theme, but wonderful at the same time.  The mother played by Mariola Fuentes was partially outstanding.  The thing I found most fascinating was that half the play was in Spanish without translation; strangly it didn't seem to matter that I don't understand a word of Spanish... all was understood.

Benjamin enjoying chocolate cake before the show

Before the show at the Malthouse Theatre

So far this year we have seen: The Plague Dances, Circa, Briwyant and Blood Wedding.  My favorite so far was Circa....fantastic modern circus; had me cringing and laughing at the same time... truly entertaining!  

Next stop.... Pinocchio running 6-29th September

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Life In Style

It was great to catch up with friends at Life In Style trade fair this weekend.  I didn't showcase my label this time around but could not resist to have a walk around and gossip with my Comrades in small creative business. 

The thing about running a small business is that you work alone and make decisions on your own based on gut feelings an event like this is great to feel part of a community and here the stories of others facing similar decisions.  This past year has really tested us all as the retail land scape is changing so dramatically.  As a producer it is becoming harder to wholesale and it seems to be more about direct selling be it web-shop or at designer markets. So where is this all leading?

The thing that always stands out to me at an event like this is; here you have hundreds of small creative business, passionate, very hard working often juggling young families.  Business that are making funky, cool, beautiful products that are willing to jump in the deep end to bring as all products to love. 

It's great to know that I'm not alone.

We must all be just that little bit crazy as well!    

 Life In style

 Keep Resin by Alice Keep, love the candy colours

Oh and thanks Rik from Smug designs for this awesome brooch and great dinner conversation! 

Monday, 25 June 2012

deco deco

It has been too long since my last post, I have been quite preoccupied with the winter colds that have been rotating through the family.  It as been quite frustrating as I have been having so many great design ideas but not the time to put any of them into action.  

I have been getting quite inspired by the Art Deco movement again, it is a theme that has been running through my life as a designer.  The use of colour and pattern really appeals to me. 

Pierre Legrain bound book 1907-1970 & Rose Adler bound book 1929-31

Designed by Natalia Goncharova 1923

F.Gregory Brown furnishing fabric 1922

Designed by Clarice Cliff Sunray Vase 1929-30

Norman Bel Geddes, Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation. New York 1924.

All images from Art Deco 1910-1939 NGV exhibition catalogue. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vixen I love thee

It has been a very busy two weeks with lots of industry events; Benjamin and my wedding anniversary complete with a lovely stay in the city and then topped off with the little ones head lice fiasco.  
I did pend a lovely evening catching up with the lovely girls at Vixen last Friday night. I could not help to take a few pics as the store is looking as lovely as always.    

love the wooden printing block, silk spool and coral display

Little Rose was so adorable making suggestions of Vixen pieces we should try on!
 If you haven't done so already you must make the trip out to Gertrude Street - my favourite shopping destination. 

Vixen Australia: 162 Gertrude Street Fitzroy Tel: (03) 9419 2511

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My new best friend

My lovely friend Caroline suggested I start using Pinterest as a way to promote my design; so about three months ago it began.... 

At first I thought it was such a time sucker, but I have ended up finding it so inspiring.  I admit, to sneak a peck at the boards a least once a day.  It is just such a great way to collect images to inspire work, craft activities, dream home ideas and products that I like.  I thought I would share with you a few wonderful patterns I have been collecting.  

If you would like to follow my pins, here is the link:

Flower Field by Heather Moore of Skinny Laminx in Cape Town South Africa 

Wallpaper from Wayne Hemmingway vintage collection 

Surface design from Shapes and colours

Vintage cotton fabric from 1974 - Johnny - Tapete from

Colour expirations - Rusty - origin unknown

Greenfield Hill from Free Spirit 

 Lola design silk fabric from Curtain-up UK

Otto design Wallpaper from Curtain-up UK