Saturday, 24 March 2012


As you all know I a have a love of artisan jewellery and all I can say about e.g.etal is SWOON, how anybody could choose a piece a jewellery in this store I don't know.  Walking along the length of the cabinets there was so many wonderful pieces of art I would proudly add to my collection. Where to begin?????
e.g.etal is located downstairs at  167 Flinders Lane Melbourne Australia 3000 Tel +61 3 9639 5111 also check out the website:

Just a small collection of rings: a.Aquamarine ring by Nga Waiata b. Relic ring by Katherine Bowman c. Poppy ring by Janet Watts d. Night Sky ring by Krista McRae e. Pyramids ring by Darren Harvey f. Dish ring by Katheryn Leopoldseder

Cabinet of work by Jess Dare and Jessica Morrison

The wonderful work of Yuko Fujita

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